Past Jobs (Residential)

Gallery of customer submitted photos from past jobs.

Falls Church, VA

Description: Prefinished Brazilian Cherry (3/4" x 5" x Random Lengths 1'-7'). Consulted and advised on the installation of the floors, doors, door frames, trim, and cabinets of this stunning custom home. Job size ~5,000 sq ft.


Halbert Floor

Description: Unfinished Brazilian Cherry (3/4" x 5" x Random Lengths 1'-7'). This was a site sanded and finished installation of square-edge Brazilian Cherry. Brazilian Direct partner with contractor Mark Scheller on this job. These pictures sent by the satisfied homeowner quickly became a signature photo and trademark of the Brazilian Direct brand. 


Lancaster, PA

Description: Prefinished Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) with 35% sheen Ebony-Espresso Stain (3/4" x 3 1/4" x Random Lengths 1'-7'). A truly remarkable floor that showcases the versatility and range offered by the Brazilian Cherry species. The darkness of the sheen blends effortlessly with the underlying red hew of the spices for a sleek, sophisticated product. The impressive hardness and timeless appeal of Brazilian Cherry makes this floor as durable as it is beautiful. Job size ~5500 sq. ft.