Premium Engineered Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) 1/2" x 3-1/4"

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Per Brazilian industry standard, this product now comes in 1'-7' random lengths (i.e. the length of each board is random and evenly distributed throughout a 1 foot to 7 foot range)

Premium engineered Brazilian Cherry flooring. 1/2" height (vs. 3/4" solid) x 3-1/4" wide 3.0mm face. 

Engineered flooring format was designed originally for 1st floor, on slab, concrete applications in 3 states Texas, California and Florida. Then engineered became a great choice for below grade basement applications. In some applications Engineered Exotic wide plank 5" or 5 1/4" specifically is NOT a good choice for dry climate markets like AZ & NV or any markets with 6 month heating seasons. Stability is relative as the environment the flooring goes into must have internal relative humidly over 40 % all 12 months.

General Characteristics

The species Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) is the most popular hardwood flooring import from Brazil to the USA. Brazilian Cherry, known for its hardness and durability, this exotic hardwood is a great choice in both residential and commercial installations.

Brazilian Cherry from South America has a brownish-red color. It darkens from a tan/salmon color to a deep, reddish brown and is 182% as hard as domestic Red Oak. On the Janka Hardness scale, Brazilian Cherry ranks 2350 vs. 1290 for Red Oak.

Brazilian Cherry is an extremely heavy wood; hard to cut, variable heartwood regarding color, from light brown to pink, to reddish brown, with some intense shadowing. Thick sapwood, notably differentiated, white slightly yellowed, uniform medium texture, regular to irregular grain of wood, rough and of poor shine surface; imperceptible scent and taste.

Quick Facts

  • Bona 8 Coats Aluminum Oxide 35% Satin sheen
  • Species originates in Brazil - Made and Finished in Brazil
  • 1/2 thickness is 12mm
  • The 3 1/4" face width is 82.55mm and 5 1/4" face is 127mm
  • 3 1/4" is (29.5 sq ft per carton) 3.0 mm face
  • 5" is (31 sq ft per carton) 3.0 mm face